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Our riding courses

We provide a local, independent motorcycle training service providing training with the following courses:-
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Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

CBT was introduced in December 1990 to reduce the high accident rate among moped and motorcycle riders.
The course needs to be completed before the rider can go onto the road solo.
It consists of several hours being spent off road carrying out basic manoeuvres and getting the pupil generally being happy with the control of the bike.
When this has been achieved, the learner will be taken out on the road to teach them road skills and to point out all the dangers a motorcyclist has to face.
Once they are ready to ride on their own a CBT certificate will be issued and this will then validate their licence.
The CBT certificate is valid for two years.

Anyone with a provisional licence must take CBT.

Anyone with a full car licence wishing to ride a 125cc must take CBT first.

Anyone with a full car licence wishing to ride a moped:
If the licence was issued before January 31st 2001 then CBT does NOT have to be taken.
If the licence was issued on the February 01st 2001 or after then a CBT certificate is required but this will remain valid for the length of the licence (won’t have to be taken every two years).

A1 Licence (125cc 11kW)

From January 19th 2013 the motorcycle test is changing once again. From this date, when you have passed your four stages you will only be able to ride a 125cc machine without L plates and carry a pillion passenger. This licence will no longer be restricted to 33bhp and will not become a full licence at a later stage.

A2 Licence (Medium size motorcycles up to 35kW)»

This is a new category that is now available for pupils 19 years old and over. You can now take your test on a bike between 25-35kW, a minimum of 395cc. Once all four parts have been completed you will be able to ride a motorcycle with the maximum power output of 35kW. This will have a two year probation period, which once completed you can upgrade your licence to a Direct Access if you wish to. So you could have a full licence at 21 years old if you take the A2 licence and then take the Direct Access course .

Direct access (A)

To take a Direct Access test you must be at least 24 years old. (younger if you have held an A2 licence for two years). When the test has been successfully passed then the rider can ride ANY size of machine with no restrictions. The Direct Access now has to be completed on a motorcycle of a minimum size of 595cc and a power of at least 40kW.

Theory Test»

Everyone wishing to pass their motorcycle test must pass their theory first. To book this you can go online at www.dsa.gov.uk or call 0300 200 1122. Once completed you can then book modules 1 & 2. Without it all you can do is your CBT.

Back to Biking

This will be based on the experience of the rider, and what they want to achieve.
Every course conducted will be tailor-made to suit each individual person's abilities and skills.
You will find that each course will be a learning curve which will progress from day-to-day, so don't expect miracles after day one but by the time test day arrives you will be ready for the examiner.
So then, hopefully passing your test will be achieved easily with the minimal amount of stress and fuss.

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