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More information

Use this page to find additional information about our services and courses...
Please note: We will periodically update this page so be sure to come back if you are deciding on any of our courses.

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When attending your Compulsory Basic Training course you will be required to produce your Driving Licence.

If you have a photocard licence be sure to bring your counterpart paper as well.

If you are using your own machine then you will need to produce your valid insurance and MOT certificates.

On test day you will be required to bring the following documentation:-

Driving licence

CBT certificate

Theory test certificate

If you still hold an older-style paper licence then you will also be required to produce a photo-ID (e.g. using a passport).

This so the examiner can guarantee that the person taking the test is the licence holder.


You will need to be dressed adequately for riding a motorcycle.

You will need to have a motorcycle helmet that fits you.

You will also need a jacket and gloves that will protect you if you fall off and sturdy footwear.

The other item you can guarantee you will need will be a pair of leggings/trousers which ideally need to be waterproof.  There is nothing worse than being out in the rain for six hours in nothing but jeans and a fleece.

You don't need to go mad when choosing your clothing but you will need to be protected, dry and warm.


If sending a cheque to secure a training course, please make them payable to KMTS.

The remaining balance will be due at the beginning of the course.

Theory test

Everyone wishing to sit a motorcycle test must first pass the motorcycle theory test.

The theory test will have two parts to it, there will be a multiple choice test, which you must answer 30 out of 35 questions correctly.

Then you will have a hazard perception test where fourteen clips will be shown to you and you have to click the mouse when you see the forthcoming hazard.

The earlier you pick it up the more points you gain.  You must pass both parts in the same sitting to gain your theory certificate.  Once this is passed it is valid for two years.

To book a theory test call the DSA on 0870 0101 372.  Please have a credit card and your driving licence to hand.

KMTS has a copy of a CD ROM which contains the whole DSA data base for the theory test which can be borrowed.

From September 2003 there will be a new part added to the riding test, which is the 'show me, tell me' part in which you will have to explain to the examiner how you could check various parts of the vehicle to ensure it is safe for the journey that you intend to do.

And finally, good luck!

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